New Day Dawning

Glasgow horse and cart winter 1955. Photo by Partick Camera Club

Five o'clock in the morning, the world is asleep
A milkman is yawning, it's quiet on the street.
Baker's making rolls, with the flour that he kneads,
Gaslighter turns down the flame we don't see.

Postman's on the round, letters from far and near.
Church bells sound, the sky begins to clear.
Priest kneels in prayer, to the cross that he believes,
Will bring some comfort, as he holds on to his beads.

A new day's dawning on the rest of our lives.
Bluevale horseshoes, down Good Luck Drive.

A new day's dawning (refrain)

At Paddy's Market, there's someone drinking beer.
His clothes are old, he wipes a winter tear.
I've seen his face before, marked by the years
Of gangs and graffiti, and living life in fear. 

A new day's dawning, on the rest of our lives.
Horseshoes and good luck, down Bluevale ride.

A new day's dawning (refrain)

Horses on the street, policemen on the beat,
The city's at our feet,
The world is yawning,
A new day's dawning.

Words and music by Peter Young

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