Letter from Denmark: National Consciousness

There are two ways to see the Danish parliament. The first is a standard 45-minute guided walk about. The second is the longer ‘Kunstomvisning’, or art tour. I suggested to my wife that she give up her sacred Saturday morning downtime to join me. Unexpectedly, she agreed. There’s track work between the Eastbridge (Østerbro) Station and Copenhagen Central.Continue reading “Letter from Denmark: National Consciousness”

Letter from Denmark: Libraries, Liars, and Lucia

I’m fumbling to find my yellow health insurance card. All Danish citizens and residents have one. It doubles as a kind of multi-purpose ID. You need it at the dentist or doctor, but this little credit-card sized bit of plastic also lets you into the library. As it happens, there’s no need for its magneticContinue reading “Letter from Denmark: Libraries, Liars, and Lucia”

The Scottish National Congress

Discussion about Scotland’s territorial integrity and the plunder of the nation’s resources by the British state (London). The discussion is hosted by Iain Lawson, chair of the Scottish National Congress Steering Group – guests include Dr Alf Baird, Phil Boswell, and Sara Salyers.

Speech by Leah Gunn Barrett

Today’s UK Supreme Court decision preventing the Scottish Parliament from holding an advisory referendum is not only irrelevant but also illegal because Scotland’s constitution is still in force, in principle and under international law. There was never any need for the SNP leadership to ask another nation’s court for permission to do something we’ve alwaysContinue reading “Speech by Leah Gunn Barrett”

The Remedy for All that’s Wrong

@indyscotnews · The Remedy for all that’s Wrong, by Sara Salyers (female voice) A guest article from Sara Salyers At the heart of the political, economic and social disaster unfolding around us is a broken political system. Anglo-Norman feudalism in modern clothing has given us a despotic and unaccountable government, political corruption, cronyism,  incompetence, privilege withContinue reading “The Remedy for All that’s Wrong”

Russell, Crowing from His Horse

Two years ago, I was convinced Angus MacNeil, Douglas Chapman, and Joanna Cherry were stick-ons to abandon Sturgeonism. Angus and Chris’s Plan B had been booed at conference, Douglas was lost in the black hole of the indyref fund, and Joanna was being simultaneously abused, threatened, and effectively barred from standing as an MSP. I also imagined,Continue reading “Russell, Crowing from His Horse”