Patriots and Traitors

“Someone lays flowers there every year,” my friend John said. “It’s just around the corner from where we live.” He was talking about the William Wallace Memorial at West Smithfield in central London. Isn’t it remarkable that the mention of the name ‘William Wallace’ still evokes a response among our southern neighbours? A similar floral tributeContinue reading “Patriots and Traitors”

Thoughts from Abroad

It’s an early morning departure on the ForSea ferry, ‘Hamlet’. Up on deck, there’s a fine view of the entire Helsingoer harbour which, unlike most key Scottish ports, is fully owned by the local council. The sea air is lovely, all the more enjoyable due to the distinct lack of diesel fumes on board. It’s also unusually quiet forContinue reading “Thoughts from Abroad”

Interview with Paddy Cullivan

This interview deals mainly with the recently-released two-part documentary on Michael Collins, but touches on present day politics in both Ireland and Scotland. “Paddy has performed his sold-out historical entertainments all over Ireland and beyond. His latest projects are online documentaries on Wolfe Tone and Michael Collins. “Paddy is a multi-platform entertainer, MC, Speaker andContinue reading “Interview with Paddy Cullivan”