The Remedy for All that’s Wrong

@indyscotnews · The Remedy for all that’s Wrong, by Sara Salyers (female voice) A guest article from Sara Salyers At the heart of the political, economic and social disaster unfolding around us is a broken political system. Anglo-Norman feudalism in modern clothing has given us a despotic and unaccountable government, political corruption, cronyism,  incompetence, privilege withContinue reading “The Remedy for All that’s Wrong”

Russell, Crowing from His Horse

Two years ago, I was convinced Angus MacNeil, Douglas Chapman, and Joanna Cherry were stick-ons to abandon Sturgeonism. Angus and Chris’s Plan B had been booed at conference, Douglas was lost in the black hole of the indyref fund, and Joanna was being simultaneously abused, threatened, and effectively barred from standing as an MSP. I also imagined,Continue reading “Russell, Crowing from His Horse”

Patriots and Traitors

“Someone lays flowers there every year,” my friend John said. “It’s just around the corner from where we live.” He was talking about the William Wallace Memorial at West Smithfield in central London. Isn’t it remarkable that the mention of the name ‘William Wallace’ still evokes a response among our southern neighbours? A similar floral tributeContinue reading “Patriots and Traitors”