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Speech by Leah Gunn Barrett

Today’s UK Supreme Court decision preventing the Scottish Parliament from holding an advisory referendum is not only irrelevant but also illegal because Scotland’s constitution is still in force, in principle and under international law. There was never any need for the SNP leadership to ask another nation’s court for permission to do something we’ve alwaysContinue reading “Speech by Leah Gunn Barrett”

Meeting Mr R

Olof Palme was an unknown to my daughter’s boyfriend. So I tried to explain, in a few brief sentences, that he was the last great Nordic statesman, and that he had followed in the footsteps of Dag Hammarskjold. ‘How come I’ve never heard of him?’ he asked. ‘Well, you were born after his death andContinue reading “Meeting Mr R”

The Remedy for All that’s Wrong

@indyscotnews · The Remedy for all that’s Wrong, by Sara Salyers (female voice) A guest article from Sara Salyers At the heart of the political, economic and social disaster unfolding around us is a broken political system. Anglo-Norman feudalism in modern clothing has given us a despotic and unaccountable government, political corruption, cronyism,  incompetence, privilege withContinue reading “The Remedy for All that’s Wrong”

The Jetty at Trouville

Today, in the little harbour in Hornbaek, there’s a high-pitched moaning of the wind through the rigging, It’s a kind of soundtrack to a painting I once saw as a very young child at the Art Galleries in Glasgow. The painting, of a windswept seascape in northern France, was by the impressionist Boudin. I say seascapeContinue reading “The Jetty at Trouville”


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