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Wha’s like us?

Rural cycle paths and even the busy tourist harbour town of Hornbaek are noticeably litter-free As a long-term immigrant in someone else’s country there are things that you become accustomed to. In Denmark, one of those things is the absence of litter. It does exist, but on the whole, city streets and rural areas areContinue reading “Wha’s like us?”

IndyScotNews Videocast #3: Interview with Denise Findlay

Denise Findlay is a Scottish independence activist and women’s rights campaigner. In this interview she discusses SNP party leader Nicola Sturgeon’s failure to inspire and lead the #Yes movement, and also her apparent reticence to agitate for an end to the political union between Scotland and England.

IndyScotNews Videocast #2: Interview with Paddy Cullivan on Michael Collins

This interview deals mainly with the recently-released two-part documentary on Michael Collins, but touches on present day politics in both Ireland and Scotland. “Paddy has performed his sold-out historical entertainments all over Ireland and beyond. His latest projects are online documentaries on Wolfe Tone and Michael Collins. “Paddy is a multi-platform entertainer, MC, Speaker andContinue reading “IndyScotNews Videocast #2: Interview with Paddy Cullivan on Michael Collins”

Interview with ‘Lukewarm Dave’

Satirical collage artist Dave describes himself as an ‘immature irritant to the powerful with a pirate copy of Photoshop and no social filter’. You’ll find him on Twitter at @DaveLukewarm

New Day Dawning

Bluevale Street · New Day Dawning Five o’clock in the morning, the world is asleep A milkman is yawning, it’s quiet on the street. Baker’s making rolls, with the flour that he kneads, Gaslighter turns down the flame we don’t see. Postman’s on the round, letters from far and near. Church bells sound, the skyContinue reading “New Day Dawning”


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