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IndyScotNews Midweek 6 Jan 2022

For the first review of the week in 2022 we have Denise Findlay co-host of #TheCauldron, Julia Pannell Communications Officer with and Roddy MacLeod host of ‘Through a Scottish Prism’ and author of the #BarrheadBoy blog.

IndyScotNews Midweek Part 2 (15 Dec 2021)

At 10pm EMT (Edinburgh Mean Time) Part 2 of our midweek review of the recent news and events relating to Scottish independence with guests Michelle Ferns of the Alba Party, Peter Barclay from #TweetSteeet and Roddy MacLeod, host of #ScottishPrism Show.

IndyScotNews Midweek Part 1 (15 Dec 2021)

A review of current news stories relating to Scotland and Scottish independence hosted by Peter Young with guests Peter Barclay @barclaypeter7 Michelle Ferns @michelleferns11 and Roddy MacLeod @Scotpol1314

The Tide of History

My wife and I were watching the north German drama ‘Der Usedom-Krimi’ recently. We suddenly recognised one of the seaside towns used as the location in the episode. We’d visited this town only a few weeks after the re-unification of East and West Germany on 3 October 1990. Those momentous events of three decades agoContinue reading “The Tide of History”

JFK and the Unspeakable

Interview with James Douglass laying out a version of John F. Kennedy’s assassination that is sickening, in every way outrageous, but not exactly unfamiliar. In JFK and the Unspeakable Douglass makes it the story a plot inside the national security apparatus and the Central Intelligence Agency to kill the president and stop his turn toward peace, toward endingContinue reading “JFK and the Unspeakable”


The train leaves at 7.26am from Copenhagen. Thanks to the Great Belt tunnel and bridge you now travel direct to Hamburg. There’s no need to disembark anymore, the ferries between Sjaelland and Fyn stopped sailing years ago. The Danish IC train continues across the middle island, over another bridge to Jutland, and down through historicContinue reading “Passport”


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