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JFK and the Unspeakable

Interview with James Douglass laying out a version of John F. Kennedy’s assassination that is sickening, in every way outrageous, but not exactly unfamiliar. In JFK and the Unspeakable Douglass makes it the story a plot inside the national security apparatus and the Central Intelligence Agency to kill the president and stop his turn toward peace, toward endingContinue reading “JFK and the Unspeakable”


The train leaves at 7.26am from Copenhagen. Thanks to the Great Belt tunnel and bridge you now travel direct to Hamburg. There’s no need to disembark anymore, the ferries between Sjaelland and Fyn stopped sailing years ago. The Danish IC train continues across the middle island, over another bridge to Jutland, and down through historicContinue reading “Passport”

A Scent of Scotland

October 31st and I’m cycling in North Sjaelland. The mix of autumn chill and burning wood stoves evokes one of those scent memories. Across the decades ma auld Glesga maw appears in my mind’s eye. Perhaps appropriate on ‘Samhain’, our day of the dead. The mental image of ma maw conjured up was at Meadowpark.Continue reading “A Scent of Scotland”


I fell asleep in the early hours of 24 of June 2016 listening to the BBC’s all-night Brexit coverage. In spite of the British state broadcaster’s clear pro-leave bias during the campaign, I felt pretty sure the UK would, as a state, choose to remain in the EU. This is certainly what I’d been tellingContinue reading “Citizenship”

Rural Cycling Infrastructure

Copenhagen has snazzy cycle lanes, but tourists who don’t make it further than the (very) Little Mermaid might be surprised to find that Danish cycling infrastructure extends across the country, often connecting small rural towns. This is the cycle route between Humlebaek, north of Copenhagen, and Fredensborg. It’s a journey of about 10km, which youContinue reading “Rural Cycling Infrastructure”

Wha’s like us?

Rural cycle paths and even the busy tourist harbour town of Hornbaek are noticeably litter-free As a long-term immigrant in someone else’s country there are things that you become accustomed to. In Denmark, one of those things is the absence of litter. It does exist, but on the whole, city streets and rural areas areContinue reading “Wha’s like us?”

IndyScotNews Videocast #3: Interview with Denise Findlay

Denise Findlay is a Scottish independence activist and women’s rights campaigner. In this interview she discusses SNP party leader Nicola Sturgeon’s failure to inspire and lead the #Yes movement, and also her apparent reticence to agitate for an end to the political union between Scotland and England.


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