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New Day Dawning

Bluevale Street ยท New Day Dawning Five o’clock in the morning, the world is asleep A milkman is yawning, it’s quiet on the street. Baker’s making rolls, with the flour that he kneads, Gaslighter turns down the flame we don’t see. Postman’s on the round, letters from far and near. Church bells sound, the skyContinue reading “New Day Dawning”

The Art of Re-Unification

Interview with Elsebeth Aasted Schanz of the Danish Poster Museum in Aarhus about the work of the museum and about the exhibition to mark the 1ooth anniversary of the re-unification of Southern Jutland with Denmark. My interview with Elsebeth first appeared in The School Times in 2020.

Sea War Museum

It was in our Dennistoun tenement, late one night in 1964, that I became aware of the reality of the First World War. In our wee multi-purpose kitchen with its coal fire, gas cooker, clothes pulley and two armchairs there was a big black and white telly, with a small screen.  I was propped upContinue reading “Sea War Museum”

In Search of James Hepburn, Earl of Bothwell

Motorbike ride across Nothern Sjaelland to find the burial site of Scottish nobleman James Hepburn (1534-78), the ally and later husband of Mary, Queen of Scots. Both Bothwell and the Queen were held as long-term captives before their deaths.

The Patriot

The rural cycle path between the Danish towns of Fredensborg and Humlebaek passes through the small village of Soeholm. What many non-Danes don’t realise is that advanced cycling infrastructure in Denmark is not just an urban phenomenon, there are cycle ‘highways’ between many rural towns. Cutting across the countryside as it does, the double-lane pathContinue reading “The Patriot”

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